Dome tents for events and lodging

After many years of renting out tents, our range of tents has steadily expanded. Different models and sizes for smaller to larger events of any occasions. There have been countless wonderful events in our domes, such as weddings, concerts, seminars, and much more. More photos are in the gallery and a few additional event equipment is available at event gear.


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currently the following tents are available to rent:

3 Cupola domes (with 4 foil elements / 32)


Diameter / Area

Blueprint (Schematics)

8 Classic domes   ø 6.0m  / 28m2 PDF
2 Classic domes   ø 9.0m  / 63m2 PDF
2 Classic domes (with 4 foil elements / 20) ø 10.0m  / 80m2 PDF
4 Hexagonal domes   ø 6.0m  / 26m2 PDF
8 Hexagonal domes   ø 9.0m  / 58m2 PDF
1 Cupola dome (with 8 foil elements / 24) ø 12.4m  /120m2 PDF
3 Cupola dome (with 8 foil elements / 32) ø 14.5m  /164m2 PDF
1 Tri cupola domes additional info ø 26.0m /460m2 PDF
3 ArchaBall Spheres ø 3.6m / 6 Betten  
3 Yurts Bamboo/Wood   ø 6.5m  / 33m2  
1 Fire pit tent   ø 6.0m  / 28m2 Infos

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