Tri Cupola Dome

In a Tri cupola dome (or short Tridome) we can now experience a tent culture which is unprecedented. At events, the integrated and combined cupolas naturally lead to dreamlike experiences.

Unique room layout

The division into three connected tent bodies, which are also somewhat acoustically separated, allow for having different sections in one tent like catering, stage, dance or exhibition space. The following video of the company basecamp shows an event in Interlaken, Switzerland: Youtube Link. More photos can be found in the gallery.

The tent was designed on the geometry of the symbol of the flower of life. In the three intersecting circular areas result in a total of 460m2 of floor space. It is necessary for the tridome to have a flat and leveled underground, because the structure covers a large area and the design relies on having a planar base to build it on. Schematic drawing PDF.

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