Buy domes as tents

Dom tents simply covered or supplemented with an inner tent

you can choose between

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    Multi-part coverings

    The side parts are hung with carabiners on horizontal clamping elements. Depending on the size of the tent, the clearance height differs between 2.1 - 2.4 m (from the ground) or customized according to your requirement.

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    Connecting side parts together

    Side parts are opened / closed with eyelets and screw caps.

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    Covering in one part

    If a dome has an inner tent usually the outer tent is coming in one part which stretches over the entire construction.

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    Two arc beam layers

    When using an inner tent, a second layer of wood is applied to form a distance between outer and inner cover. The air gap is insulating against the summer heat and allows the installation of insulation (see Domes insulated) which has benefits for all seasons.

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    High metal shoes for steel nails

    We use the high metal shoes in meadows or other softer terrain to protect the wood of the arches from moisture.

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    High metal shoes for screws

    Usually used when the tent is fixed on a platform with screws.

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