Classic Dome

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    Dom tent 6m - 28m2

    This small domed tent with open side walls and simple wooden floor provides space for being and for various activities.

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    Dome tent 7m - 38m2

    This inviting kiosk serves the little cravings in between breaks.

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    Dome tent 10m - 74.5m2

    During the tour of a climate change themed exhibition, this tent served as a library and chillout zone.

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    Dome tent 12m - 113m2

    A dome serving as inviting space for an aperitif on a farm.

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    Dome tent 13m - 132m2

    Plenty of room height for this acrobatic theater on tour.

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    Dome tents 7m and 12m

    Compagnie Nicole et Martin, on tour in the year 2006.

    Seit 2010 sind sie mit einem Kuppeldom 17m und Dom 7m auf Tournee.

The classical dome in the shape of a hemisphere

Hardly any other geometric shape has better statics than arched constructions and spherical shapes. Due to the shape, during violent storms there are only points of attack, no attack surfaces or strong suction effects just like our other circular tents. That's why ArchaDom tents are also possible and safe in exposed locations.

Our customers have shown with their decorations and facilities what is possible in these tents: Gallery

The hemispherical tents are available in the following standard sizes:

Diameter Area
4 m 13 m2
5 m 20 m2
6 m 28 m2
7 m 38 m2
8 m 50 m2
9 m 63 m2
10 m 75 m2
12 m 113 m2
13 m 132 m2

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