Cupola Dome

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    Cupola dome 14.5m at a festival - 165m2

    The cupola dome has a central cupola that makes the tent wider and more compact compared to a half sphere, as seen here at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

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    Cupola dome 14.5m at an exposition

    The cupola dome offers exhibitors many options that are not available in rectangular tents.

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    Cupola dome 14.5m as a restaurant

    The interior of the Kuppeldom restaurant invites you to linger.

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    Cupola dome 14.5m bar at "Fribourg Plage"

    In the summer months this cupola dome is a well-attended bar for those staying at home.

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    Cupola dome 14.5m

    For many years already, this cupola dome has been inviting guests to wine tastings. The host is the restaurant La Rouvenaz on the waterfront promenade in Montreux around the time of the the Christmas market.

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    Cupola dome 17m - 227m2

    The well traveled tour tent "The White Tent" shows the performances of the theatre group Compagnie Nicole et Martin.

These beautiful tents offer size, clarity and comfort all in one.

Due to the neutral shape and the choice of materials like wood and woven fabrics, the room is ideal for decoration, furnishing and usage possibilities of all kinds. Curved acrylic glass windows connect in an elegant way inside and outside. More pictures in the gallery.

Cupola domes come in the following standard sizes:

Diameter Area
12 m 113 m2
13 m 132 m2
14 m 153 m2
14.5 m 165 m2
17 m 226 m2

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