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    The structure

    The arch beams are standing on a wooden floor with insulation. They are connected to the center in a ring.

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    Inner tent

    The first shell (usually cotton fabric), which covers the entire space evenly, is the inner tent.

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    The second arch layer for isolation

    The second layer of bows creates the necessary space between the inner tent and the outer cover to fix the insulation.

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    The outer cover

    We use a PVC / polyester fabric for "textile construction" in the outermost layer. The very durable and longlasting, waterproof and non-flammable material covers the entire structure in one piece.

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    Doors and windows

    Doors and windows can be installed in the spaces between two arch beams.

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    The circular top window

    For natural light in the room a skylight is mounted, which is available in different versions.

Other coverings, such as light bricks, shingles, anodized metal mold plates, plastic glass or i.e. attaching solar modules or more are statically safe and available on special request.

The order guide serves as a walkthrough for all the variables and decisions to take when buying a dome. This page on textile coverings gives an overview of all the choice in fabrics we offer, both for inner tent and outer cover.

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