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    The polyester insulation is made of 100% pure polyester fibers and also adds a bit of soundproofing. The price is lower than the other materials and it's relatively high recyclability make it the most popular insulation choice we offer.

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    Foil insulation

    The lightness of the material is a great advantage for mobility during assembly and dismantling and opens up a new dimension in tent construction. With only 30mm of thickness it's structural insulation values are similar to rockwool with 200mm.

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    Aluminized film layers

    The foil insulation reflects the radiant heat (infrared rays). Highly recommended in very sunny regions.

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    Sheep wool insulation

    The effect of using wool insulation is like natural air conditioning, which causes a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. It corresponds to felt used in traditional yurts. It is currently more recommended to use with smaller domes as it's quite difficult to combine it into larger pieces.

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    Translucent insulation

    This translucent insulation is loosely woven fiber glass. When used with non-opaque outer covering fabrics, it's noticeably brighter inside the dome.

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    Pure glass

    The transluscent thermal insulation consists of pure glass fibers and with 100mm of thickness good insulation metrics are reached. It is not to be confused with glass wool insulation which doesn't have the same properties.

The prices of the respective insulation choice is to be added to the corresponding dome model. See our price list for insolations.

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