Geometric shapes determine the flow of energy

The energy systems of our planet are in harmony with the universe.

If a space emerges with simplicity of a sphere or hemisphere, the energies within its structural shell as well as its insides and outsides are organized in analogy to our home "sphere" mother earth and in relativity to the celestial bodies.

The free flow of energy in the open space of a dome

It stimulates the personal and collective development of the people who are in or around it. The centered and neutral emptiness, an archetype of giving birth, opens unimagined doors to creativity. The shape of the parabola reflects unadulterated what is in it. The opeion (eye) is the opening in the vertex, i.e. a dome skylight or oculus.

The opposite manifests itself in a-symmetrical non-centered spaces, like our rectangular apartments. Here the energy structures are arranged statically. Energies do not flow freely around corners and accumulate in such corners. Since they regenerate only slowly, they also contain negations that can only be freed with the effort of energetic purification, such as burning incense, mantras, etc...

Archadom Raumästhetik wants to make it possible to experience these energies.

Many years of experience with the domes have shown us that negations / negativity do not unfold in them because they exist only as a concept. However, it can be reflected spontaneously in space. Therefore it is recommended to act in a dome with good intentions and honesty.

ArchaDome are three-dimensional mandalas

They are energy structures for people who feel at one with our spaceship Earth and the galaxy. People who consciously celebrate this oneness with the wonderful universe, who develop inner beauty and take responsibility on all levels.

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