Tents: An archaic form of habitation

The mobility of tent architecture

Tents are among the archetypes of dwellings. Tents in modern times are a living link to a quality of time that has been lost to us through sedentariness.

ArchaDome Tents

We want to help you to experience freedom and independence from solid walls in the "here and now". So we build tents that help to make your dreams come true. Be it for pragmatic resons to protect against the weather or to create architectural harmonies that are banned and forgotten from public building regulations.

To feel good in a tent, you need a climate that combines pleasant temperatures with balanced humidity. The shape and appearance of the materials used also determine the feeling of well-being. We use wood for the supporting structure and fabric for the covering as well as metal and plastics where it makes sense.

An inner tent significantly improves the climate in the tent. It compensates for cold and heat, protects against moisture and UV radiation. Air flows continuously between the layers of tent fabrics, allowing the canvas to dry faster and thus increasing its service life. The next step is an insulated tent.

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