Life in a tipi

You do not have to identify yourself ethnologically in order to feel comfortable in the tipi!

The tipi is a conical tent originally used by nomadic hunting tribes in the plains of what is now modern North America. In the compulsion of the laws of the nomadic life a frame structure developed, which made a quick and easy assembly and dismantling possible. Until the immigration of the "whites" from western Europe, who brought cotton fabrics (sailcloths) with them, the tepees were made of buffalo fur.

We strive to bridge the gap between the ancient Indian culture and the needs and desires of today's people, especially for those who are looking for true closeness to Mother Nature.

Take your tipi....

and walk along the tall grasses, the bubbling rivers and creeks, the hollow trees with the fresh shoots, feel the weight on the back to the edge of your little world where the dream begins...

We love this dream and have hopefully inspired many people with the aesthetic and freedom which comes with a tipi. Who picks up his tipi with us, gets accurate information and valuable tips on construction and dismantling, care and equipment of the tipis. We also enclose a detailed description and assembly manual with every purchase.

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